Introit and Kyrie

Out of the many Requiems that have been composed over the centuries, only a few have remained important to Western Music in the modern day. Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem remains one of the most meaningful and influential requiems in modern music today. The powerful melodies make it instantly recognizable by music lovers everywhere. H.T. Fitzsimons is pleased to offer a unique arrangement of the opening movement of Fauré’s RequiemIntroit and Kyrie arranged in a capella voicing for SATB format.

introit and kyrie

This emotional and stirring anthem from Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem invokes a sense of deep emotion upon first listen. With minor key centers and legato voice lines, the music expresses an earnest plea to God for help and deliverance. The ancient text conveys desperation and longing, making this arrangement ideal music for Passover and Good Friday services.

Throughout the majority of this piece, parts move in time with each other – which reminds the listener of the unified prayers to God for deliverance. This unity is one of the main factors that separate this movement from the rest of the Requiem.

As the opening movement of the mass, it is the job of the Introit and Kyrie to grab the attention of the listener and prepare them for a time of worship. This piece does that job almost effortlessly. The a capella voicing brings a sincerity to the movement that can sometimes be hidden behind the bombastic accompaniment of the original. The crescendos and decrescendos throughout the movement work to enrapture the listener and evoke a sense of compassion and longing to be a part of the music.

The inspiration for an a capella arrangement for this piece came from the death of a beloved parishioner at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Fransisco, California. Fauré’s Requiem was this parishioner’s favorite piece, and it was requested that it be played at their memorial service. However, in a church with no organ or piano, conductor Stanford Doyle was moved to edit the piece. In doing so, he created something remarkably moving, yet still, he managed to stay true to Fauré’s original masterpiece.

The arrangement is set for SATB a cappella voicing, and it is an emotional selection for any liturgical service. This piece is an excellent choice for a strong bass and baritone section.

SATB Voicing

Suitable for Lent or Holy Week services, as well as funerals and memorial services.

Recommended for a strong Bass and Baritone section

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