How to Transition Church Music Between Seasons

For church music directors everywhere, much of their motivation behind choosing pieces of music revolves around what season of the year it is. With Easter and Palm Sunday around the corner, churches everywhere are pulling out their most exciting and uplifting music selections. A lot of thought is put into music selections that will be used for important performances and holidays.

How to Transition Church Music Between Seasons

But what about the weeks of the year that are not holidays? What songs should choirs sing in the awkward gaps between Easter and Mothers Day, or Thanksgiving and Christmas?

It may be easy to neglect those weeks of the year that are not as “important” as holidays in the church calendar – but congregation members look for spiritual encouragement through music all year long. And it is up to music directors to find song selections that will uplift and inspire congregations.

Praise and adoration are excellent music topics that are not only perfect for Easter and Palm Sunday but are acceptable and inspiring all year round. Praise is a mindset. Singing songs about praise can allow choir members to open up their hearts and voices in unity and use their energy to make a joyful noise unto God. Even when choirs become burned out from doing the same thing week after week, songs of praise can uplift them and revive their joy.

At H.T. Fitzsimons, we offer a wide variety of songs about praise, as well as a vast selection of choir music appropriate for all seasons. Sing Praise to the Lord is a beautiful traditional song based on the tune “Laudate Dominum” composed by Charles Hubert Hastings Perry in the mid to late 1800s. This selection perfectly captures the essence of choral praise. With beautiful organ accompaniment, the SATB voices sing victorious melodies that are sure to capture the hearts of all who hear it.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord is a rousing anthem offered by H.T. Fitzsimons that will uplift and inspire. Optional trumpet accompaniment is included in this selection for SATB mixed voicing and organ.

Many more praise-focused songs are offered at H.T. Fitzsimons that are wonderful choices for all seasons of the year. Traditional and liturgical choir music continues speaking to people’s hearts, just as it has done for centuries.

During transitional weeks of the year, music directors may find their choir members losing focus. With no upcoming holidays to focus on, music rehearsals can seem long and unprofitable to choir members. To keep things exciting all year round, try incorporating new styles of music into choir practices. If your choir is used to singing music with piano and organ accompaniment, try an acapella piece. Try introducing a song with an accompanying solo instrument that is out of the ordinary for your choir- such as My Prayer by Richard Burchard with lyrics by Stephen Bock, which contains a beautiful solo cello accompaniment. Songs like this can make sacred music exciting – even to those who have been involved in it for years.

When it comes to choosing music, it is important to put thought into every selection – even those selections that will not be used for important holidays or performances. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to impact people’s lives all year round. Remembering this can motivate musicians to incorporate emotion into the pieces that they are singing – and ultimately, it is a reminder that we seek to use this powerful tool to praise God and give glory to Him.

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