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I began composing in my teens, as part of a general musical ‘awakening’. At the University of Southampton in the 1960s I had some tuition from the distinguished composer Jonathan Harvey. In 2011 Convivium Records released an album of choral pieces and organ music, some of which have been published by H.T. FitzSimons. Since then I have composed other choral pieces (including a Missa Brevis), piano music (including a Sonata recorded by Michael Higgins), and organ music (including ‘Tarantella’, a fantasia on ‘Lobe den Herren’ and ‘Dance with Hymn’).

Joel Peterson

Joel Peters is a composer, soloist, conductor and pedagogue.
The music of Joel Peters is performed…


Richard Burchard is Associate Professor of Music and Executive Composer-in-Residence at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. His portfolio includes over 100 commissioned works. His choral music has been performed extensively throughout the Unites States with several premieres at state, regional and national events including ACDA and NCCO.  International premieres include Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain…

Fred Swann

Frederick Swann, President of the American Guild of Organists (2002-2008), serves as Organist Emeritus of the Crystal Cathedral, Organist Emeritus of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, and Organ Artist-in-residence at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Palm Desert, California. Mr. Swann is also University Organist, Artist-in-residence, and Artist Teacher of organ at Redlands (CA) University…


GRIMOALDO MACCHIA was born in Rome in 1972, began his musical studies at the Arts Academy of Rome. In the context of his generation can be considered an eclectic musician, composer, pianist, organist, arranger and conductor…


Paul Sjolund is a leading composer of American church and choral music…


An Austrian composer, Schubert produced an output of music. His music was represented in a wide variety of forms and genres, including opera, liturgical music,  chamber and solo piano music, and symphonic works.


Abbie Betinis (b. 1980) has been heard in some of the finest concert halls in the United States, and is enjoying growing acclaim abroad…


Anthony Doherty graduated summa cum laude with a major in composition from the Catholic University of America, and received a master’s degree in music history from Princeton University. He studied medieval liturgical and chant manuscripts in Italy on a Fulbright Scholarship, served on the staff of the Library of Congress’s Music Division, and contributed articles on music and musicians to the New Catholic Encyclopedia…


Gabriel Fauré composer whose refined and gentle music influenced the course of modern French music…


Christian Gregor was a peasant living in the Silesian village of Dirsdorf, near Peilau, was born at Dirsdorf. In 1742 he went to Herrnhut, where he was at first employed in tuition. He became leader of the music in the [Moravian] Brethren’s congregation at Herrnhaag, in 1748, and in 1749 at Zeist; but in 1753 he returned to Herrnhut as cashier of the Brethren’s Board of Direction…


Dale Grotenhuis (1931-2012) retired in 1993 from Dordt College (Sioux Center, Iowa), where he served as Director of Choral Activities and taught courses in conducting, choral music education, theory, composition, and analysis. He conducted the Dordt College concert choir, which toured annually to all areas of the United States, Canada, and Europe. Prior to that time he taught in high schools in Washington and Michigan…


J. Jerome Williams is a native of Morganton, North Carolina where his high school band director was noted North Carolina composer, M. Thomas Cousins. Mr. Williams studied music at Mars Hill College (AA), East Carolina, and Appalachian State University (BS, MA), all in North Carolina…


William Billings, (born Oct. 7, 1746, Boston, Mass., U.S.—died Sept. 26, 1800, Boston), foremost composer of the early American primitive style, whose works have become an integral part of the American folk tradition. A tanner by trade, he was self-taught in music. Among his friends were many prominent figures of the American Revolution, including Samuel Adams and Paul Revere…


Michael Eglin (b. 1975 in Niagara Falls, NY) holds degrees in piano and composition from the State University of New York-Fredonia School of Music and from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has studied with composers Donald Bohlen, Joel Feigin, and Bill Kraft, and Early Music with Alejandro Planchart…


Franz Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) was an Austrian composer, one of the most prolific and prominent composers of the Classical period. Haydn wrote 107 symphonies in total, as well as 83 string quartets, 45 piano trios, 62 piano sonatas, 14 masses and 26 operas, amongst countless other scores…


Austin C. Lovelace (1919-2010) was called by many the Dean of American Church music. Over many years he worked at a number of Methodist and Presbyterian churches in Colorado, North Carolina, Illinois, and Nebraska…


Gustav Holst, original name Gustavus Theodore Von Holst, also called Gustav Theodore Holst, (born September 21, 1874, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England—died May 25, 1934, London), English composer and music teacher noted for the excellence of his orchestration…


Sir John Goss (1800–1880) has suffered at the hands of the slayers of Victoriana. Like Stainer, he merely responded to the musical demands of his day. Goss became one of the Children of the Chapel Royal in 1811…


James Gossler (b. 1949) is a native of Lenoir, NC, where he received his early musical training in the Lenoir High School Band…


Michael Haydn, in full Johann Michael Haydn, (baptized Sept. 14, 1737, Rohrau, Austria—died Aug. 10, 1806, Salzburg), one of the most accomplished composers of church music in the later 18th century. He was the younger brother of Joseph Haydn…


Michael’s influences range from Stravinsky to hints of early rock, jazz, and electronic music, as well as 16th century polyphony. Growing up in Maryland and New York, his first musical experiences were through trumpet performance, primarily in jazz improvisation and baroque music…


Thomas Matthews was born at Utica, NY, April 1, 1915 and, at the age of 8, sang under Norman Coke-Jephcott recently arrived from Coventry Cathedral. At 17 he assisted Coke-Jephcott at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City where he continued to be influenced by the leading church musicians of the time – David McK. Williams, T. Tertius Noble, Ernest Mitchell, Channing Lefevre and Lynwood Franam…


Luke Mayernik (composer, organist, pianist, harpsichordist, improviser and collaborative artist) studied with David Garner, Rodney Gehrke, and David Conte, earning his M.M. in Composition from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His work has been heralded as “stylish and elegant” by Choir and Organ magazine and “delicious and imaginative” by Pulitzer Prize winner & US Poet Laureate Rita Dove…

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