The H. T. FitzSimons Company was formed in Chicago in the early 20th Century by founder Henry T. FitzSimons.  Mr. FitzSimons proved to be a successful publisher, creating a catalog of sacred choral, concert band, and school operettas.  Following Mr. FitzSimon’s death, his widow ran the company for many years until it was purchased by the Fred Bock in 1986.  The band catalog was sold to Alfred shortly after the acquisition, but the rest of what Henry FitzSimons built remains as part of the Fred Bock Music Companies today.

The choral publications in H. T. FitzSimons are geared largely to the Episcopal Church.  Thomas Matthews and Leo Sowerby are two of the most celebrated composers in the catalog.  Their works are well suited for the liturgical churches, which stands to reason since both served in Episcopal parishes for the majority of their church music careers.   Other widely recognized choral publications include the compositions of Will James and selected arrangements by William Dawson, as well as the crown jewel of the company, Requiem, by Gabriel Faure.

Since being integrated into the Fred Bock Music Companies, we have added writers such as Todd Wilson, Frederick Swann, Lois Fyfe, and K. Lee Scott.  Meanwhile, the organ publications have a decidedly European orientation, offering the works of Jean Langlais, Naji Hakim, and Hans Hielscher, to go along with music by Frederick Swann and Richard Purvis.

In 2009 the company launched a new Christmas Carol choral series with a stunningly talented young writer, Abbie Burt Betinis.  It was only fitting for her to be the creative force for this project, for it was her grandfather, Bates Burt, who started the Burt Family tradition of sending new carols as Christmas Cards each holiday season.  Of course, her grand-uncle, Alfred, took the tradition to new heights with his compositions.  Abbie has energetically picked up the mantle left by her ancestors.  And, as the publishers of the original carols penned by Bates Burt four generations ago, we are proud to be the publishers of these new entries.  In 2012, we will release our fourth installment in this series, In A Far Judean City – music by Abbie Burt Betinis, words by her great-grandfather, Bates Burt.